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Why is Medical Insurance Essential?

Enrollment in coverage supports the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Studies confirm that coverage improves access to care; supports positive health outcomes, including an individual’s sense of their own health and well-being; incentivizes appropriate use of health care resources; and reduces financial strain on individuals, families and communities.

Health Insurance Services

Health Insurance Services
Get all your options on Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Plans and ACA.  We are a full broker, so we fit the plan to you. 
Protect Your Choice of Care with the Right Health Insurance or Medicare Plan

How the health care law protects you

  • Requires insurance plans to cover people with pre-existing health conditions, including pregnancy, without charging more (Medicare Supplements do have underwriting requirements after the IEP or SEP election periods)
  • Provides free preventive care
  • Gives young adults more coverage options
  • Ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits on coverage of essential health benefits
  • Helps you understand the coverage you’re getting
  • Holds insurance companies accountable for rate increases
  • Makes it illegal for health insurance companies to cancel your health insurance just because you get sick
  • Protects your choice of doctors
  • Protects you from employer retaliation
Get a complete list of Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Plans
Our products and services include contracting with most insurance companies. We are able to maintain the highest professional industry standards by being an insurance broker. We are appointed with hundreds of highly rated companies, so you always have the best fit for you.
Our unique insurance services included annual benefit reviews 
We know exactly what it takes to protect you and your family. Our local agents live and work here just like you, and they understand the insurance challenges. We can help guide your way to the right policy whether you live along the coast or inland.  Our policies are always built with reliable coverage you can trust.