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Our journey as an insurance company

Insurance is one of the major necessities that everyone needs, be it for himself, family members, or the businesses. Without any protection, you won’t be able to tolerate the financial blows that usually happen unexpectedly. It’s not easy to stand up again and restart everything from scratch.

This is why at Irion Insurance, we make sure to offer the best insurance covers for varied purposes. Almost a decade ago, we first launched our company in the market, with the sole aim of providing financial coverage and solutions to everyone approaching us. And now, after so many years, we are standing as a unified company where you can get the best consultation, affordable insurance premium covers, and more.

Our expertise in the insurance market

With so many years of work, we have gained a lot of expertise in the insurance industry. Not only do we understand the need to have a financial cover for yourself or any other entity but also we know the types of policy covers and other details required for meeting all your needs. Based on these, we thrive to provide the best solutions to our clients so that they can live their life peacefully.
  1. We offer business insurance so that you can provide medical expenses for your workers, or salvage the company from scratch without investing much.
  2. Our health insurance covers life covers and disability insurances.

A quick walkthrough of our company’s timeline


We worked as a local insurance broker, offering different solutions to the local residents and businesses.


We expanded our business to other cities and states to reach out to more people and help them with the right financing solution.

2019 - present time

Our experts are thriving hard to ensure that the solutions we provide will be in your favor and of the topmost quality.

Expert team members

We are here to help you when you need your financial support, then we are help you.

Jenifer Irion Shimp

Chief Executive Officer

Dominic Jefferson

Business And Operations Manager

Mercedes Baldwin

Consultation Head

Elizabeth Irion

Customer and Client Manager

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