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Welcome to Irion Insurance and 007 Surety Bonds:

Your local, independent Insurance and Bonding Agency

Secure your lifestyle with the right risk protection from one of the most popular NE Florida insurance brokerages.

Our journey as a company

We are committed to being a business that balances purpose with profit and championing responsible business practices that create value for all our stakeholders. 

Just like any good journey, ours is still going – with twists and turns, new adventures and new friends along the way. And although we’re a bit larger these days, we’re still run by the same people.

Our expertise in the insurance market

Having a strong work ethic works hand-in-hand with having good customer service skills. Being proactive both when developing new client relationships and maintaining current client relationships has been key to our success.  We spend hours learning every year, so we are up to date on new offerings and opportunities. 

A quick walkthrough of our company’s timeline


We worked as a local insurance agent for a captive company


Irion Insurance was born! We expanded our contracts and hired our first agents.

2023 - Present

007 Surety Bonds and Irion Insurance Group come together to offer even more in house services

Expert team members

We are here to help you when you need your financial support, then we are help you.

Jenifer Irion Shimp

Chief Executive Officer

Dominic Jefferson

Business And Operations Manager

Mercedes Baldwin

Consultation Head

Elizabeth Irion

Customer and Client Manager

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